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Business Setup in UAE
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Business Setup in UAE


United Arab Emirates, Emirates with skyscrapers, sophisticated network of highways, slick cars, magnificent shopping malls, extravagant lifestyle with a combination of entertainment facilities along with high class golf clubs, an amazing night life existing alongside the exquisite culture & tradition of Arabia. The U.A.E is modern metropolis, an entirely crime free country and is a melting pot of many different nationalities living in peace and harmony with excellent standard of living.

The U.A.E is a constellation of 7 stars or the seven Emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm Al Quawain.

The proactive outlook of the Rulers of the U.A.E has resulted in a successful economy and country with flourishing businesses and people. To encourage inward investments into the U.A.E, the government has continually worked towards indicting a sense of security for foreign investors. To make foreigners feel at home and encourage investments, most of the cities in the U.A.E have Free Zones operating in their respective Emirates facilitating a host of benefits as mentioned below:

  • 100% tax free operations
  • 100% foreign ownership of the company
  • Government guarantee against taxes ranging from 20 to 40 years
  • Infrastructural advantages – Excellent road networks along with state of the art Sea & Airports allowing exceptional accessibility to all major hubs around the world assisting in easy movement of goods.
  • No Personal Income Tax
  • No Corporate Tax
  • One window operations
  • No restrictions on funds repatriation
  • No currency restrictions
  • A host of other benefits are offered by the free zone depending on the type of business, whether it’s a manufacturing set up, a trading operation or a professional service providing organization.

Exports Art will guide you through the advantages and assist in selecting a suitable free zone to suit your business requirements.


Dubai Free Zones:
  • Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority
  • Dubai Airport Free Zone
  • Dubai Internet City
  • Dubai Media City
  • Knowledge Village
  • Dubai Health Care City
  • Metals & Commodities
  • Gold & Diamond Park
  • Dubai Silicone Oasis
  • International Media & Production Zone
  • Dubai Flower Center
  • Dubiotech
Sharjah Free Zones:
  • Sharjah Airport International Free Zone
  • Hamriyah Free Zone Authority
Ras Al Khaimah Free Zones:
  • Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone
Ajman Free Zones:
  • Ajman Free Zone
Fujairah Free Zones:
  • Fujairah Free Zone
Umm Al Quawain Free Zones:
  • Ahmed Bin Rashid Free Zone


  • Free Zone Entity: this type of a company is a proprietor or one owner company and is incorporated in the free zone. They are fast to form and the processes are fairly fast.
  • Free Zone Company: this type of a company is defined as a partnership firm, having multiple individuals as shareholders and is incorporated in the Free Zone. FZCO's are also fast to form and can be set up within 48 hours
  • Branch of a foreign company: this type of a company refers to a company establishing itself in the free zone or the U.A.E as a branch of a foreign based company. The procedures to form this company type can be slightly more time consuming as documentation process is tedious. However, with our services and assistance, we can assist in speedy formation of Branch of foreign companies within 48 hours.
  • Branch of a local company: This type of a company refers to a branch of an onshore U.A.E based company that intends to establish their presence in the Free Zone. Our offerings include a comprehensive support whereby we undertake all services on behalf of our clients and ensure that complete company set up requirements of the investor are concluded within days on taking up a job


Trading / Manufacturing Company:

  • Submission of application and approvals for commercial trading licenses from the Free Zone Authorities
  • Locating the right premises for the clients for a trading office or warehousing purposes
  • Obtaining Import – Export codes
  • Identifying agents for product distribution in the U.A.E and neighboring countries
  • Assistance on import of special products and obtaining necessary clearances
  • Shipping, Transport and Logistic advisory and arrangements
  • Processing duty exemption for goods that need to be re-exported

Professional Services Provider:

  • Preparation of Business Plans
  • Submission of plans and application processing along with obtaining approvals from Free Zone Authorities for manufacturing licenses
  • Identifying the right place / premises with appropriate utility requirements for operating an industry
  • Approaching the respective government departments for obtaining other approvals related to electricity uploading, environmental clearances, labor visa's etc
  • Import & Export procedures and assistance
  • Approval from Chamber of Commerce’s and Economic departments for ensuring goods produced or manufactured locally are qualified to be supplied in the local market
  • Identifying distributors and agent for products in the U.A.E and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council markets) and Asia


U.A.E now has a diverse range of free zones operating in the country segmented into attracting particular type of businesses. Some attract vertical type of businesses (Media, Advertising, Information Technology, etc.) where as others are generic in nature and welcome all types of businesses.

The types of premises would vary depending on the type of the free zone and activity that needs to be pursued along with the facilities required. Appended below gives transient information on the different premises available:

  • Offices – Office space have a range varying from small to large depending on the type of operation, number of people working for the company and the number of visas required.
  • Virtual Offices / Flexi Desks – Some Free Zones in the U.A.E offer a low cost set up by providing 1 or 2 visa's and form companies on shared desks or work stations. These types of companies are ideal for start up entrepreneurs or companies that do not require a large presence requiring only a bank account and legal documentation requirements to re-route their business objectives through tax free areas such as the U.A.E.
  • Warehouse – Free Zones offer warehouse space to accommodate mainly 2 type of activities:
    1. Stocking of goods – Storage of goods is allowed for companies engaged in distribution and re-export of merchandise. Some products need special clearances such as flammable chemicals and other sensitive material.
    2. LIU's (Light Industrial Units) – Refers to companies involved in small scale production or assembly units.
  • Land – is granted to companies on a long term lease who intend to either set up a large scale manufacturing unit or a logistics facility.

With our experience and expertise, we would locate ideal premises to suit your business type and arrange the requisites to obtain necessary approvals as per client's requirements.


U.A.E now has a diverse range of free zones operating in the country segmented into attracting particular type of businesses. Some attract vertical type of businesses (Media, Advertising, Information Technology, etc.) where as others are generic in nature and welcome all types of businesses. Available license types are listed below:

  • Commercial Licenses – Commercial Licenses are issued to companies engaged in trading (import & export) of goods and services. These can be broadly classified into types as appended below:
    1. Specific Trading License – This type of a license refers to companies involved in trading, import & export of specific goods or single product lines. For e.g.: Mobile Phones, Textiles or Furniture, etc.
    2. General Trading Licenses – The General trading license is issued to companies dealing in multiple products. Generally there are no limitations on trading in product type if they are generic in nature; however a few activities or product lines are restricted.
  • Manufacturing Licenses – Manufacturing License is issued to companies who intend to produce or manufacture goods in the U.A.E. In order to obtain this license, companies need to qualify based upon the rules and regulation of the U.A.E in response to environment and labor issues. We can assist on basis of our experience and draw up appropriate business plans to obtain approvals.
  • National Industrial Licenses – This is a specific type of license issued to companies having a 51% equity of a GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) National or a Company. The benefit of having this license that goods produced have a tax free access in the GCC countries (U.A.E, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait & Saudi Arabia).
  • Professional Service License – Is issued to companies engaged in providing only services such as Marketing Consultancy, Management Consultancy, etc.


Bank Account Opening

We assist companies in swift bank account opening for companies. We work with local U.A.E based banks as well as international banks. As per the client's preference, we would undertake all the formalities including the documentation to open the company bank account for newly established companies through Exports Art.

Bank Finance Facilities

Companies intending to obtain facilities for opening LC's (Letter of Credit), Trade Finance (back to back LC's), Mortgage against assets, Finance for expansion for new as well as existing industrial operations can be organized through our partner banks. We would prepare all the back up documents generating credit worthiness for companies to ensure smooth bank facilities on an ongoing basis.

Visa For Investors

Obtaining residency permits can be a long and a tedious process for the investors and their families due to complexity of errands involved. We would guide our clients in obtaining their U.A.E residency for themselves and their families. Our personnel will guide you and accompany you through the entire process making it simple and time-efficient. The following services would be undertaken along with the complete documentation processes.

  • Investor Visa Assistance – Obtaining the visa from the respective authorities along with express services on medical fitness test followed by residence visa stamping.
  • Family Visa assistance – After the investors visa has been processed, we would prepare files for their families visa’s to be submitted to the immigration department by organizing the documents that includes salary certificates, marriage and birth certificates etc.., until the whole process is concluded. We would undertake any attestations required by the authorities to authenticate the legal documents.
  • Employee Visa Assistance – We would process visa for your employees by guiding the companies through the right processes.

Generation Of Business Leads

Dubai and other Emirates are a trading hub with representative and agents for goods from across the world for the Middle Eastern Markets.

Should you wish to appoint an agent or a distributor for your products, we would organize a comprehensive database of companies that could be prospective partners or agents for your products. This would help our clients make the maximum during their short visit and meeting the majority of companies in their business trade.

Generation Of Business Leads

Based upon your requirements and business activity type, we will organize the right documentation for presentation to the Free Zone Authorities and other government departments for obtaining necessary approvals.

As the government departments have specific requirements, we would organize all the paper work to ensure that the company formation process is concluded effectively and efficiently resulting in saving cost and time.

Shipping And Freight Forwarding

Exports Art works with some of the most reputed companies in the region providing shipping & freight forwarding services. Once we obtain information from the clients on their import or export schedules and frequencies, we’ll obtain the best rates and vessel schedules for goods that are inbound as well as for export or outbound shipping requirements.

Also, documentation for import & export for presentation to the custom authorities for fast clearances would be undertaken.

Transport And Logistics

Local U.A.E and Middle Eastern road transportation can be organized at competitive rates. Moreover, we will organize storage of goods for companies that need temporary warehousing by liaising with the port authorities at bargained priced rates or with Logistics companies.

Import And Export Procedures

Keeping in line with the local U.A.E laws, we would organize imports and exports of goods by liaising with the respective customs department. Our expert personnel will ensure all the procedures pertaining to the movement of your goods are concluded in a time bound and efficient manner.