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Export Consultancy
The Service We Provide

Export Consultancy

We help you to build or strengthen your international development: EXPORTS ART INC. is a company accompanying you to your internationalization, gives you the means to meet the new and multiple challenges of globalization. Setting your international strategy in the implementation of your projects in a given country, we accompany and we are committed to your side in a results approach.

With our international network, we are close to you for further action. To make available to its customers a wide range of technical, sectors and geographical services.

  1. Export Diagnostics
  2. Market Research
  3. Export Strategic Planning
  4. Export Market Development
  5. Products Development
  6. Marketing Plan
  7. Agent-Distributor Selection
  8. Global Strategies
  9. International Documentation
  10. Global Sourcing
  11. In-House Training
  12. Cost Cutting Strategies
  13. Supply Chain Optimization