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Events & Exhibitions
The Service We Provide

Events & Exhibitions

If you are looking to participate in International Exhibitions, Trade Fairs or Events, Exports Art provides full event management and onsite support for countries/regional pavilions and independent exhibitors.

We build bridges designed to work closely with government trade offices, industry associations and event organizers.

We help clients to secure the best possible exhibitor space and provide a full range of event services to make their participation a success.

Exhibitor's Key route to market

We believe that international trade fairs provide the most effective route to markets. They offer a thriving meeting place for buyers and sellers from around the world and have been a cornerstone of global business. They are the events where successful business deals get initiated and done in today's globalized market environment.

Trade fairs, exhibitions and industry events are powerful promotional tools for gaining exposure and business opportunities in a new market whilst reinforcing market position in an existing market. The value of face-to-face contact enabled by trade events never diminishes and has probably become even more important in today's time-starved and virtual business world.

Incorporating our expertise and experience, our clients have used trade fairs to:

  • Raise profile and gain exposure for product and services.
  • Reach focused groups with the right contacts enabled by us.
  • Demonstrate commitment to doing business in the marketplace.
  • Show they are serious about working in the targeted region.
  • Access competitors and research industry trends.
  • Utilize the local/regional media to further gain positive exposure.